Magnolia tree

Magnolia tree. Consistorio street. Jerez de la Frontera.

Where does it come from?

The provenance of this magnificent tree is from the southern United States, as well as some species come from Asia. Its spectacular white flowers develop in the spring.

The name

Its name honours its discoverer, a French botanist named Pierre Magnol, who was director of the botanical garden of Montpellier. In addition to this species, Pierre is credited with the discovery of more than 2.000 between the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

Flower and tree

it is a large and robust tree, with bright green leaves and large white flowers with penetrating aroma, used both in perfumery and herbalist for its medicinal properties. The Spanish colonists used it to give strength to their bodies and stomachs, as well as to calm their nerves.

For animals, the magnolia flower is very tasty.

The sturdy wood of its trunk is also used in joinery.

Its fruit is similar to pineapple, with abundant small seeds.


The magnolia flower represents nobility, respect and dignity.

They say…

  • In Asia, the flower was only present in the emperor’s garden. It is said that when he gave it away, the person who received it was very respected by him.
  • In America, the natives fell in deep sleep smelling the intense aroma of magnolia.

And in Japan…

A long time ago, in a Japanese region, there was a noble man who was passionate about floral plants, but especially magnolias. From a young age, Hikari, whose meaning is “light”, had learned from his father the art of cultivating plants in a way that they gave the most beautiful flowers.

The fame of the beauty of his garden echoed throughout Japan and people from all corners began to visit it. During the walk, visitors could see how Hikari devoted all the hours of the day to the care of his plants, especially magnolias, his favorites, with whom he spent most of the time and manteined conversations with with the same affection as he did with his loved ones.

After 80 years without missing single day of his work, it came the day when Hikari did not attend his daily appointment with his magnolias, and after a few days away, one sunset, the magnolias transformed into georgeous ladies in order to find the person who dedicated his entire life to them. Together they roamed the garden, but couldn’t find him. Saddened, they decided to have a look inside the house.

The old gardener layed in his bed, weak and breathless. The magnolias approached and surrounded Hikari, so they could return all the affection, light and tenderness that he had professed to them. They knew that the time they enjoyed together was coming to an end and the magnolias promised they would never be apart from their caretaker.

The love of the magnolias illuminated Hikari’s face, and with a big smile, he entered the eternal sleep, pleased and happy for the work that had kept him occupied every day of his life.

The next morning, as usual, visitors began to arrive to stroll through the garden and when they arrived at the corner where they expected to see Hikari conversing with his pampered magnolias, they couldn’t believe their ayes when they found that the flowers had withered and were completely dry.

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