A Jerezan explorer in Florida, (two)

Álvar Núñez and his solo journey. Little or nothing remained of Pánfilo Narváez’s ambitious expedition, which lay in the sea alongside his dreams of glory and riches… At this point, our man from Jerez begins his own expedition, this time on his own. Injured and sick, he is taken care of by indigenous people who … Read more

A Jerezan explorer in Florida (into)

I’ve been wanting to write about this fascinating fellow from my hometown for quite some time now, but the truth is that no matter how much I think about it, I don’t know how to approach Álvar’s life and convey everything he experienced in just a simple blog entry. A little bit of research is … Read more

A forgotten in time palace in Jerez

It history… After the definitive conquest of the city of Jerez by the Castilian king Alfonso X the Wise, the monarch had the arduous task of repopulating these frontier lands. For this, he chose the Castilian nobility and brought with him thirty nobel knights, being one of them Mr. Beltrán Riquelme and Mr. Bernal Riquelme. … Read more

Setting the nativity scene

I continue talking about Christmas elements and ornaments and now it is the turn of the nativity scene, that crib in Bethlehem that usually accompanies the Christmas tree in our homes. As the time goes by, the human creativity has made possible that the simple nativity scene composed by baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary and … Read more

The Christmas tree

The most seen tree in December The Christmas tree is a must element in Christmas holidays. It’s that main element that welcomes us in homes and cities, always present in the most important places to announce that the time of year when we meet to celebrate with family, friends, neighbors and beloved ones has come, … Read more