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Conceived without original sin

Stately home. Basurto square. Jerez de la Frontera.

Along the narrow streets of Saint Matthew neighborhood…

In the unjustly forgotten and abandoned Saint Matthew neighborhood, walking through its zig zag narrow streets that remind us the Arab past, we find this square, in a place where once was wealthy thanks to the people who lived around here.

A great proof of this are its stately houses with beautiful facades, magestic doors framed by classic pilasters and spacious balconies with beautiful iron forging work. Many of them still show the coat of arms of the families that inhabited them.

Mr. Diego Pérez de Basurto…

Basurto family, originally from Vizcaya (north of Spain), became an important family of mayors in the nearby ancient city of Medina Sidonia. From there came to the city in 1501, a noble knight nowayas the name to this square, Diego Pérez de Basurto, from who the square receives its name nowadays.

Mr. Diego turned out to be a “fiel ejecutor” in the city, that is, a permanent official of the city council, in charge of the supplies, fixing the prices, controlling the weights, measures and coins used by the merchants. In addition, he was responsible for the cleanliness and ornaments of the city.

The stately home…

This house shown in the photo, is exactly located at the left side of the square, being its oldest building. We can tell for its simplicity and the Marian invocation of the frieze in which one can read: “Conceived without original sin.”

We may be talking about a fifteenth century house, due to the similarities that it has with some others nearby.

The coat of arms consisting of a black band in gold with golden castles border in red, belongs to the Basurto family.

Another example…

This is another example of the heritage that surrounds us but we don’t pay attention to. When we go out on the street, we are used to look at the same things over and over again, just like when we go on holiday we tend to visit the most visited sightseens…

I trully encourage you to look up and enjoy whatever is before your eyes. Instead of walking and frequenting the same places, streets and neighborhoods, when you go to do errands, shopping, buy some bread, walking the dog… I wish you dare to change course… Interestingly, you would always find new things.


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