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A passionate about history, heritage and culture…

…could be a good definition of what moves me to perform this wonderful profession, incomplete though.

The experience has given me the opportunity to have guided many people from different languages, cultures and backgrounds. Also, to work for companies with different objectives regarding the public and their tourist experience.

There are many reasons why a person puts their trust in a tour guide in addition to expecting adequate training and professionalism. However, from this tour guide-visitor relationship, the latter also needs the empathy, kindness and good work of the former.

And it is precisely this tour guide-visitor relationship that completes the definition with which these words begin, a relationship that I consider indispensable for the visitor to live a fruitful experience.

That said, I can only invite you to continue browsing this website and if your way of traveling and visit places is in small groups without falling into the usual routines, fill in the form with your request. I’ll be glad to help you.

Thank you.

Carolina Montero García.

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